The Sunday Basket™ Workshop    $30 
Are you ready to create a lasting system for the paperwork and to-do’s that clutter your counter tops and your mind?   The Sunday Basket™ Workshop is the solution for you.

Gather all your to-do papers and bring them to a Sunday Basket workshop to get them organized! We will sort through these together in a small group setting and you'll learn an easy system to keep track of your papers/activities so important things don't fall through the cracks.

Sunday Basket™ Workshops are in-person events where you will actually start your Sunday Basket™ with the guidance of a licensed Sunday Basket™ Workshop Provider.

The 90-minute Sunday Basket™ Workshop includes:
  • a copy of The Mindset of Organization by Lisa Woodruff
  • 5 slash pockets
  • the Sunday Basket™ Quick Start Guide
  • Weekly Planning Checklist
  • and Weekly Planner Sheet​​
   The Sunday Basket™ 2.0                $50
 Now that your daily, actionable paper is under control with the Sunday Basket™, it's time to fine tune your paper system with the Sunday Basket™ 2.0!

Help clarify your Sunday Basket™ by creating a system for your longer-term and ongoing projects within 4 new categories: self, family, work, and home.  These color coordinated slash pockets are catered specifically to you and your needs.  

Sunday Basket™ 2.0 Workshops are in-person events where you will actually sort through your papers in a small-group setting with the guidance of a Sunday Basket™ Workshop Certified Provider.

The 2 hour Sunday Basket™ 2.0 Workshop includes:
  • 20 color coordinated 2.0 slash pockets
  • color coded planning printables
  • Access to the private Sunday Basket™Facebook group to help with questions, support, maintenance and further training.  ​​